Instead Of Managing Connections Locally, Plume Analyzes The Data On Its Remote Servers, Deciding How Best To Distribute Bandwidth To Each Room.

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“There’s a lot of new technology available that allows this kind of large-scale data analysis to be something you can run with a navigate to these guys company of 130 people, whereas before you might need 130 people just to manage your data infrastructure,” Weaver says. Plume Wi-Fi pods Plume is also leaning on the cloud for its Wi-Fi pods, which sell in three- and six-packs and plug directly into power outlets. Instead of managing connections locally, Plume analyzes the data on its remote servers, deciding how best to distribute bandwidth to each room. “We have very much a central control plane that sits on the cloud and uses a lot of cloud computing,” Plume CEO Fahri Diner says. “That enables us to have these devices that are small and beautiful, and lower-cost than others.” Starry , meanwhile, wanted to take troubleshooting into its own hands with its touchscreen Starry Station router. Each device is displayed as an icon, with larger ones representing greater data use and red ones indicating connection problems. It also tells users in plain English when there’s a problem with the internet, offers parental controls, and includes a way to request tech support by phone. “The internet service company wasn’t necessarily excellent at supporting this consumer, so I think there’s a big consumer experience opportunity,” says Alex Moulle-Berteaux, Starry’s chief marketing officer and head of product. Router-As-A-Platform Today, companies like Starry, Plume, and Eero are merely trying to deliver better Wi-Fi.

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