Natalia Shaidurova

Stage name: Natalia Shaidurova
Age: 25
Country: Russia
Name of song: «Malade»
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Natasha was born in town Sochi. She already from little childhood dreamed to bind the life with music, saying in 5 years: «I want to musical school!», Natasha went to musical school at once on two separations, inventing works for fortepiano, violoncello and other instruments. And soon Natalia went on the vocal separation of musical school.rnFor Natalia quiet and measured life seemed awfully boring, so she was desirable to be everywhere and anytime, therefore she with the pleasure successfully participated in the Russians international competitions and festivals. She was invited on teaching at summer in creative school for the children in a city Suzdal.rnIn 2000 Natalia Shaydurova became the possessor of higher reward of the International festival – competition «Hopes of Europe» – prize of Center Makhmuda Esambaeva.rnIn 2008 in honour her 25 years Natalia was awarded rank the «Best voice of decades of «Nadezhda Evropy»rnTo Natalia Shaydurova, fragile south girl with bright, unforgettable voice, a fate prepared a priceless gift: possibility to look and listen, ability to see and hear. Enormous labour and desire to be sweet one by an audience costs after all achievements. As a rule, it is not enough to have talent only, character is needed also!

Comments: 1
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