VIII International TV Festival of Music
Silja Festival ferry (Riga – Stockholm-Riga)VIII International TV Vocal Contest “Amberstar” consist of the four semi-final competitions, which will be broadcasting by Internet Television (www.amberstar.tv) and the Final concert.1. Participants in competition program: Soloists and vocal groups with a professional experience on the stage, in age 16-35.
Outside competition program: Are welcome vocal bands, dance groups, orkestras and other original genres.2. Nominations:

ORIGINAL SONG – song written specially for the contest or by the artist himself
POP/ROCK – an international hit
MODERN CLASSICS – arias from musicals and rock operas or modern remakes of classical compositions

It is possible to participate only in the one semi-final, in several nominations for a choice, but no more than 1 number in each nomination.

3. The festival invites those artists, who had succesfully passed the preliminary selection of applications and received an official invite from the committee.

4. The soundtracks is provided by the artist, one song shouldn’t exceed 4 minutes. On the disk must be only one track.

5. Appearance can be with back-vocals (if it is not coincides with the leading voice) and dancers are allowed.

6. All shows of the festival are organized publically and are broadcasted by the Internet TV www.amberstar.tv

7. The winners are chosen by a set of a professional jury and spectators voting results (via the Internet vote) 50%/50 %.

8. Voting starts after each of semi-finals, from the moment of placing materials with performance of participants in the Internet till June, 30th, 2009

1st semi-final – 25-28 of August, 2008., Silja Festival ferry (Riga-Stockholm) 2nd semi-final – 30 of November – 02 of December, 2008, Silja Festival ferry (Riga-Stockholm) 3rd semi-final – 2-4 of March, 2009,. Silja Festival ferry (Riga-Stockholm) 4th semi-final – 25-27 of May, 2009., Silja Festival ferry (Riga-Stockholm)

Every semi-final, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in every nomination will go straightly to the Final

Final – 24-27 of August, 2009, Jurmala, Dzintari Concert Hall

Awards and prizes:


· The winners of the competition are chosen in every single nomination: · All the participants will receive a festival diplomas. · Photos of all participants will be published in the advertising leaflet of a festival. · Information about all participants and video of their performances within the limits of the festival will be published in mass-media and in the festival website – www.amberstar.tv. · All shows of the festival are organized publically and are broadcasted via the Internet TV. · All other events of the festival (masterclasses, interviews, excursions of participants in Stockholm) will be available in the Internet as well. · The competition organizers establish their own incentive prizes.


1. Filled application form. 2. Creative biography. 3. Electronic version of declared songs. 4. A close up photo and 3-4 presentational photos of an artist (electronical, 300 dpi/inch, jpg format). 5. Passport copy (for making a visa). 6. The list of all arriving persons, with information like: name, surname, birth date, citizenship and a role in a collective.

*The blank application should be filled to every nomination separately and sent to the e-mail: info@impresa.lv.

What should you do to participate in Amberstar Festival?

1. Send the all Application to info@impresa.lv. 2. Wait for reply. Festival organization committee will send for you invitation letter. It means you have successfully passed the preliminary selection of applications. 3. After you have to send information about trip (cabin class, meals, additionally things) to e-mail info@impresa.lv. 4. Wait for the count which you have to pay until specified date. 5. Nearly Festival time you will receive the Cruise and Festival Amberstar program.